Friday, March 04, 2016

The perils of public displays of personal intent

I admit that I've been rather silent since posting my grandiose revocation of Facebook and my intent to try to focus on delving deeper into the God mystery. I confess that this Lent has not taken the shape that I would have hoped: I have been super busy with multiple projects at work (primarily video editing) and in my personal life (I am now the webmaster at 412 Flock!).  And with the biking group's website, I've found myself needing to get back onto Facebook anyway. So things have not gone as planned.

Also, that last post was so amazing and overwhelmingly received, that I've found it difficult to find a focus to start the next one. Namely, I haven't set down to actually start. But I'm happy to say that I think I've found my focus and I hope to have that next post soon. It's just a matter of setting aside a half an hour to an hour to start putting down words.

(Hint: it's going to have to do with this piece of iconography.)

Thanks to those who have kindly checked in and encouraged me to keep writing. I will do so soon!

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