Saturday, February 24, 2007

Matt Clement comeback

So my cousin is Matt Clement who pitches for the Red Sox...or tries to.

He's been laid out for a while having had reconstructive surgery on his shoulder. He's been given a lot of flack by the media and individuals in certain articles. Besides being biased, I think much of it is skewed or unfair.

Anyway, he seems to be on the fast track to recovery and should return to the rotation in a few months. Read an article about him here.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

one of THOSE days....

Ever had one of THOSE days?
Ever had everything wrong?
All your plans are set ablaze?
And your day runs on too long?
(it's a test)

Today I had such a day.
Today it was mine to own.
All my progress wiped away
and into the wind was blown.
(I am blessed)

I want to start a fire.
I want to hide in a hole.
Lay down into the mire
and castrate my very soul.
(what a mess)

Somebody please hold me now.
Somebody please help me stay.
Cause I really don't know how
I will move on from this day.
(give me rest)