Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bridge Crossing on "You Are Here Stories"

I had the fortunate opportunity to be published as a guest blogger on the fantastic "You Are Here Stories" blog for which my friend and former housemate is a regular contributor.  June is the "Travel and Place" theme, which I interpreted more on a micro-level.

It's a rehash of an old piece I wrote in 2008.  I hope you enjoy!

Read it here:

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lessons from the Pit

The Spirit whispers to me in my agony:
"Do not seek after only good days my child,
you do not learn what you need from them.

Do not rely on the lovely and light and pleasant,
they will just as soon float away when trouble comes.

When that time of trouble comes...embrace it.
Hold it close to you and behold it intently.
Do not scorn its presence.

For when one is without,
THAT is the time when one realizes the need.
THAT is when true appreciation comes...
When there is a lack,
THAT is when one realizes how much is left.
THAT is when Gratitude sets in...

Health and Youth are but fleeting things.
Strength and Happiness are qualities that waft away.
Weakness and Sadness seep deep into the bones.
They hang there and develop the true sort of strength
And a true sort of Joy.
The kind that physical circumstance cannot take away.

Cry out.
Yes, cry out to God.
Though God may seem far off at the time.
The One Who Understands is much nearer than you suppose."

In that cry of desperation,
My God My God, why have you forsaken me?
When I am at my lowest,
That is when I start to look up
And see what has been there all along.
That's when I peer inside
And see who I really am.

I run to hide under Your Wings.
You take me in like a Mother Hen.
I find solace in Your Arms.
You will never let me fall to the point of ruin.
Nothing is beyond repair in Your Hands.

I lift my hands that once were fists
That once beat my breast in sorrow.
I lift them high in praise and thankfulness.
I open them to receive the Grace You have for me.

After the suffering, I have new eyes to see the world around me.
My heart is softened, I am no longer blind to others' pain.
My heart is also enlarged, I can carry more after You have lifted my burden.
My hands seek to do the work to love others as You have so Loved me.