Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Strip District Trail is Open (finally)

The Strip District Trail has been closed off for almost 2 years now due to new construction and utility work close by.  The promised reopen date has long since passed and been extended, so many were skeptical when it was announced that it would, indeed reopen by the end of October.

As Bike Pittsburgh announced yesterday, it finally did!  I rode through this rainy Wednesday morning to check it out.

It took me a while to remember which streets were one-way, so I actually had to roll down past the Cork Factory Lofts and backtrack.  Next time, I would probably avoid Penn altogether and grab Railroad from 28th.

I went down 24th street and was able to access the little blip of concrete to 23rd, and though this was blocked off (view toward Downtown), I could get my bike through with one foot down.

Beside the Marina, looking back on barrier and a view of the parking lot with gravel.
Not a terribly good access point here either.

This is the view from 21st street, the official open part of the trail.  There's paved surface accessible from Railroad and Smallman, but note that 21st is one-way toward Liberty from Smallman.

The rest of the ride to the South Side was car-free and pretty much smooth sailing, no issues on the Strip trail.  There were parts with a lot of wet leaves and couple spots with a bit of roughness or debris, but it was not bad and I was proceeding with caution.  I saw various other gated entrances to the trail that would presumably open when the developments are finished...(hoping they aren't private entrances). The trail on the Downtown side of the Allegheny beyond that was a bit more bumpy with some worn concrete seams, but no problems here either.  The ramp up to Ft. Pitt behind the museum is nice now that it has been repaired this summer.  And I got to see one of many of these amusing little contraptions on the rail line along the South Side Trail going through Station Square:

Unfortunately, as I have heard, the South Side trail shortcut is officially closed off.  Be prepared to dismount as they somehow think that loose gravel is a great surface for bicycles to ride upon:

I took the streets the rest of the way to the office and luckily, no bad car interactions. I also found out that my waterproof rain pants are no longer so water proof.  Sigh:

Thursday, October 01, 2015

#inktober Day 1

I recently decided to participate in the #InkTober challenge. I will create an ink drawing or sketch each day during the month of October.  This was part of a challenge offered on the RPG-based To-Do app, HabiticaFind out more about #InkTober here: