Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Another Bike Shirt! New Pic-a-day Theme...

So I have a new concept to go along with Pic-a-day to give it some focus.

I plan on picking up an element from the previous day's picture and incorporating it into the next day's photo. Yesterday I took a picture of my dual screens, which has a picture of a railroad crossing with a bike symbol etched on it. Today, I'm carrying over the bike theme to the cool new shirt my housemates got for me.

We'll see how this goes...try to spot the transitions. :)

Dual Screens at Work!

Monday - Merry Christmas!

Wood Works of Art

Sunday (actually Sat - but too pretty not to include!)

Maple Festival

Saturday, April 2

Bedside Guitar

Fri, April 1st

Garage Full of Nouns

Thurs, March 31st

from a book I've been reading:
"There's nothing wrong with possessions; it's just that they have value to us only when we use them, engage them, and enjoy them. They're nouns that mean something only in conjunctions with verbs.

That's why wealth is so dangerous: if you're not careful, you can easily end up with a garage full of nouns."

Computer within a Computer

Wednesday, March 30th