Friday, November 18, 2011

"Just go"

The following quote, I just discovered, may be the key to many of my recent issues of late:
Good. Let's get moving.

Yes, sir. Driver, prepare to move out.

What are you preparing. You're always preparing. Just go!

Just go.

Yes, sir.

Sir, shouldn't you sit down.

The cruiser takes off, and DARK HELMET is thrown in his seat.

Not what you were expecting? This is from one of my favorite movies, Mel Brooks' sci-fi spoof: Spaceballs. And while silly, if I may, I think it depicts a real problem in our crazy society: The inability to properly prepare.

Now I don't necessarily mean preparing in the sense of tedious planning meetings for a project at work. Or even being OCD with a planner and a wrist watch (really...don't you know we use cell phones for that now?). I mean more of mentally preparing one's self, allowing space for rest and and ease of flow into the next thing in our lives.

I know that I'm often just go go go. And man, it's draining. Pretty soon "just go" leaves one in a vicious cycle of no sleep and little room for healthy mental or spiritual reflection. Eventually, my body has a way of making me rest...throwing me back into the seat of my space cruiser, so to speak.

And now, I'd better prepare for sleeping... haha, I think I might "just go" though at this time of night!