Friday, July 24, 2009

Hypothesis - PC's are Lazy Bums

So tell me, why do Macs open up files that lack file extensions (like .psd, .doc, .qxd) while PC's don't?

Why can't PC's do the extra work it takes to figure out what program opens up the file?

I think it's because PC's only reach for the lowest possible standard. Kind of like a lazy student who could be a genius if he applied himself, but only puts forth mediocre effort.

It can't be that difficult to figure out, right?

Or maybe I'm the lazy one because I don't feel like adding the extension?


Which leads to my next hypothesis: When technology works harder and gets smarter, humans get dumber and lazier.

Maybe the PC folks are doing us a favor by keeping their computers dumber longer...thereby prolonging the inevitable decline and fall of Man in light of the ever advancing Machine??




Which leads to my final hypothesis: Macs are going to eventually take over the world.

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