Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Morning Jacket rocks Station Square!


If I had to pick a "pic-a-day" photo, this would be it! Jim James and the crazy donkey statue, wearing a poncho (though some think it's a rabbit! - you be the judge:)

It was my first MMJ concert and even though I only know their album Z, their performance really blew me away. They truly are as my friend BNac would describe: a rock band crossed with a jam band who really knows how to ROCK OUT. This creates one heck of an entertaining show that I'm sure is different every time you see it. Here they are jamming at the end of their song Off the Record:

More of the best photos from the night:

yes I believe that's a Polamalu jersey! He waved a Terrible Towel before sitting down to play the final songs of the set.

And here's "Gideon" - possibly my favorite song from MMJ!

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