Friday, November 18, 2011

"Just go"

The following quote, I just discovered, may be the key to many of my recent issues of late:
Good. Let's get moving.

Yes, sir. Driver, prepare to move out.

What are you preparing. You're always preparing. Just go!

Just go.

Yes, sir.

Sir, shouldn't you sit down.

The cruiser takes off, and DARK HELMET is thrown in his seat.

Not what you were expecting? This is from one of my favorite movies, Mel Brooks' sci-fi spoof: Spaceballs. And while silly, if I may, I think it depicts a real problem in our crazy society: The inability to properly prepare.

Now I don't necessarily mean preparing in the sense of tedious planning meetings for a project at work. Or even being OCD with a planner and a wrist watch (really...don't you know we use cell phones for that now?). I mean more of mentally preparing one's self, allowing space for rest and and ease of flow into the next thing in our lives.

I know that I'm often just go go go. And man, it's draining. Pretty soon "just go" leaves one in a vicious cycle of no sleep and little room for healthy mental or spiritual reflection. Eventually, my body has a way of making me rest...throwing me back into the seat of my space cruiser, so to speak.

And now, I'd better prepare for sleeping... haha, I think I might "just go" though at this time of night!


Fennec said...

So at this point in your life, you feel as Dark Helmet does in this example? Are you stuck in "just go" mode without ample time to prepare? Do you feel you've been "thrown back into the seat of your space cruiser," or is it that you feel a jolt is impending?

To me, it's cyclical. I go through periods of "just go" and others where I feel it's all preparation. Lately, it seems I've been perpetually preparing. I haven't made a clear outline of short-term and long-term goals. The ways in which I prepare are constantly evolving as my dream isn't defined, and the preparation is never ending. I feel making up my mind is first, followed by a swift self-delivered kick to my posterior.

01. Define the dream
02. Understand what it will take
03. Plan steps
04. Have the will to focus, eliminate distractions, and do what it takes to complete each step, one at a time
05. Find ways to stay motivated through self-discipline

"How much preparation is enough?"

As for timing:
There are always a million reasons to NOT do something. If we look hard enough for a problem with our plan we'll find one. (eg. Failing to take your seat and strap in before your space cruiser takes off.) Those that truly want it, will find a way, and those that don't will find an excuse. I don't want to prepare forever, patiently waiting my life away for an opportunity to come along that happens to meet my preparations.

You create your own luck. That tells me that luck doesn't exist. I no longer believe in coincidence either, as the things that have happened in my life, have a clear reason to have taken place. I find this perspective helps in staying positive and seeing the blessings at every turn, whether that turn is for better or worse. What's done is done, and there's no reason to dwell on it except to recall the lesson learned or give thanks for the silver lining. There is only what remains to be done and if I look back, it's to smile.

I want to be prepared so I can make my best push when it comes time to "just go." I realize that "timing is everything" but I also realize that the time may never be just right. As with all things, we encounter the great struggle to find BALANCE!

I have had some brushes with death, and I've seen some loved ones go in the past two years that have really gotten me in touch with my own mortality. There's no fear there, but I don't want death to come before I feel I've done what I'm here to do. Which is _______ ? lol

Tricia said...

heh, your comment is a post in itself! Of course it's not really a good analogy for what I'm trying to express, but it just made my mind go in that direction.

Of course life is an ebb and flow and there's a time to be more proactive and a time to sit down and wait. I'm not even really talking about that, I'm just talking about my day-to-day frenetic lifestyle:

For example, I don't leave time in the morning to get to work early or on time, so I feel obligated to stay late and later because I'm feeling tired and not able to adequately focus. This pushes my evening later, then I get home late and still have things I need to do there... So I get to sleep late and then the next morning I get up later.

I don't leave time to sit and just be...I don't leave time for enough sleep. I don't leave room for prayer/meditation. That's really what I'm getting at. But yeah I can see the other way really depends on where you're at. Good thoughts. :)

Fennec said...

Yeah, I definitely got a little off topic there once I got going. :) I tend to say a lot of things I've been meaning to tell myself. What can I say? I got excited as this is easily relatable, especially with the Spaceballs reference.

Take some time for yourself! Demand it from the man, and demand it from the overachiever in you! You deserve it. :)