Thursday, April 16, 2015

De-Winterizing the Heart

I start to peel back the plastic and adhesive
that clung tightly to my windows this winter.
The sound of it pulling off of the frame is
as satisfying as the sound of popping bubble wrap.
It is like pulling off a bandaid after the wound heals:
It is Spring, and I no longer need the protection.

While I know there may be some cold snaps yet,
I do not fear the chill as I might have months ago.
My body is acclimating to this new state of being,
I am stronger from the winter solace.
It is Spring, and warmth is coming soon.

I crack open the window and a cool pleasant breeze
flows into the room, refreshing the staleness.
I hear birds chirping and see the brilliant sun setting
over the beautiful city skyline I call home.
It is Spring, and I feel the hope in the air.


JK Riki said...

Seems like the nice weather arrived and you ditched the blog! :P

Hope all is well. :)

Tricia said...

Hah, you could say that. :) Funny how that sort of thing works out. I am quite enjoying life right now. :) Hope you are well too!