Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bridge Crossing on "You Are Here Stories"

I had the fortunate opportunity to be published as a guest blogger on the fantastic "You Are Here Stories" blog for which my friend and former housemate is a regular contributor.  June is the "Travel and Place" theme, which I interpreted more on a micro-level.

It's a rehash of an old piece I wrote in 2008.  I hope you enjoy!

Read it here:


Domino said...

"Does anyone build anything to last anymore?" That's truly another discussion. LOL

Nice job getting such a valuable point across in so few words. We are disconnected, and I suppose that is part of why I love being out on my bike as well. I like that you avoided romanticizing bicycling or celebrating some bygone era ("built to last" comment aside). You kept it simple and based on physical/perceptual experience. You also managed to capture some small snippet of living in Pittsburgh in this time. Who knows, maybe your piece will end up in a history book someday! :p

Tricia said...

ha, thanks! I based the writing style after Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance... :)