Sunday, January 21, 2007

txt msg = wtf??

People are so's a text message I received from a number I didn't know, but it was a 724 area code, so I thought it might have been someone from home who changed their number... Bottom line: don't bother responding to these random messages...they get you nowhere.

Random #: So theres this guy im totally in love w. his names mike **** n he is so amazing n way too good to me n i cant stop thinking about him. Goodnite i love u <3

Me: Hey, I dont hav this # in my fone so im not sure who this is. :\

Random #: Who is this?

Me: Tricia

Random #: Tricia who

Me: Chicka. r u from Saltsburg?

Random #: No im from hempfield. Dont txt me i dont kno u

( text'ed me first!)

Then later, I got another text from a different number that was in the middle of some kind of conversation... Do people actually send these things to the wrong number or is this Spam?? :P


Jen said...

Your blog looked lonely so I joined. I get random text messages from people I don't know too.. annoys me.. cause I get charged for messages I receive.. but i can't resist opening them for some reason. I never respond though.. cause then I'd get charged for responding too.

Tricia said...

ya, I only txt certain friends...but ya know. You should write something on your new blog! :)