Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Flaming Lips

Elizabeth and I wait for the action to start.


She Don't Use Jelly

Yeah Yeah Yeah

wrote this review on Ticketmaster:
Craziest event ever, oh & with good music too.
The Flaming Lips was a musical party. Really I was busy having so much fun with all the visuals it was hard to be too critical of the music itself. The only thing I wish happened was that they had better transitions between songs (& therefore didn't feel the need to be constantly verbally pumping us up: "come on mthr fckrs!"). It was so awesome that they set up mics toward the train track running right beside the outdoor venue and picked up a train going by between one of the sets. But the visuals, the light shooting huge puppet hands, the crowd surfing human ball, the video effects, the confetti and big balloons...everything made the experience very trippy and a carnival set to music.

Check out my friend BNac's review:

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