Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Support my ride in Venture Outdoors' 24-hour Relay!

UPDATE: (7/19 @ 5:00PM)
I am over my reg fee and still taking donations through the week!
Pictures from the trip here:
UPDATE: (7/17 @ 2:00AM)
uh, turns out I can't add and so I'm still $50 short of my reg fee. :(
So give if you can and THEN I'll be able to crank out some cash for the trail. You can still donate after the fact!
UPDATE: (7/16 @ 9:00AM)
I've reached my registration fee!
Now everything I raise over this will go directly back to finishing the GAP.
Thanks to all who have donated so are awesome!

24 hours.
4 pairs of riders, 2 pairs for the C&O, 2 for the GAP.
Taking turns with 20 mile legs at 15mph - the next group shuttles ahead to the next meeting point.
70 - 90 miles total per rider.
That's pretty much what I'm doing this weekend!

Check out VO's Bike Tour page for more info:

Awesome Video from last year:

Here are my legs on the Great Allegheny Passage:
Rockwood to Confluence
Connelsville to Smithton
McKeesport to PGH(!!)

I need to raise $550 dollars for the registration fee - mostly for all of the logistics in shuttling. I plan to pay for about half of this...hoping to raise the rest and whatever I have left I'll donate back to ATA or some other organization finishing the GAP in Pittsburgh.

And they are going to be on target for finishing the trail late next year! Check it out:
Sandcastle nearing bike trail agreement

Please give whatever you can! No amount is too small. If you can, please send me your donation by this Friday the 16th. The ride is on July 17 - 18. (but you'll still have a chance after the ride too)

Make checks out to "Venture Outdoors" and put "Tricia - Relay" in the memo.
You can send checks directly to:
Venture Outdoors, Attn: Seth
304 Forbes Ave, 2nd Floor
Pittsburgh, Pa 15222

Email me
the amount you're giving so I can keep track on my end.

OR, donate online using VO's "ChipIn" widget (connected to their PayPal account). Just make sure you put my name in the Special Instruction box (again, let me know how much you are donating so I know how much I still need to give!):

OR arrange to give me cash/checks in person.



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