Sunday, May 08, 2011

Moderation? What's that??

My life has been taken over by bikes and biking events.

I've recently taken a TON of bicycling event pictures.

I noticed that in the past week, I've been neglecting my pic-a-day blog.
I haven't even taken the pictures to post.

Here's the ONE picture I took last week:


This leads me to realize that my work ethic also matches my motivation in personal projects: When I go gungho over something, or overkill on a project, it is certain that there will be a long period of "slump time" to follow. This slump time often includes thoughts of, "Perhaps I should actually do something?", but often devolves to spending useless hours on the internets...

All before my next wave of motivation comes along. More like, tsunami of motivation, then an extended drought.

It kinda works in a way, but it's ultimately tiring and unsustainable.
(kind of LIKE THIS)

I hope I can somehow get to the point where I can actually do things in moderation... You know, break down projects into smaller parts and tackle them daily. Log those sales items as I go instead of wait for them to amass into a monstrosity that I try to ignore like a pink elephant. Actually take the zero extra seconds to throw the laundry into the basket instead of on the floor.

Maybe I should just embrace my way of doing things? Maybe I need to just accept that I'm like this and just go with the flow and not worry about how it ultimately gets done?

Or maybe I should go put my clean laundry away right now instead of procrastinating on the internet talking about it?




Lynnetta said...

I struggle with the same exact thing. Unfortunately, I hit that "slump" way before the duties were done. Things just got so overwhelming that I shut down. Right now, there are 5 things that I should be doing but instead, I think I'm just going to go to bed.

Tricia said...

I think going to bed is a much more productive thing to do than say... internet surfing! Which is what I'm trying not to do right now......