Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Does it work?
Can we really "change God's mind"?
Or is it an illusion?

Are there certain words to say?
Should I say nothing?
Is it an advanced form of listening?

Am I the answer to my own prayers?
Do I have courage to be the answer?
Do I pray for that courage?

Can I feel a change?
Do I see it work?
Or do I feel like I'm hitting a wall?

Do I get to see results?
Or grow closer to the mess?
Realize that it is bigger than myself?

Is it done alone?
Or done in community?
Does "where 2 or more are gathered" apply?

Approach with humility?
With anger?
With a rote method devoid of feeling?

Do you answer questions God?
Are you listening?
Are you there?

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