Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Taking a break from my foot motif and to talk about... my dad!

(he doesn't get the "internets" so he probably won't see this. Maybe I'll print it out for him? We'll see...)

One thing about my dad, he hates being in pictures, which is why I was proud to get this sneaky shot of him and myself at a family 4th of July thing two years ago. He's looking pretty content in this picture, probably because he's on his second Yuengling by then.

My dad and I don't always see eye-to-eye (which father/daughter relationship does?), but here are a few things I really appreciate about my dad:

* his snarky sense of humor. It also can be a little too much at times but I have to say I got my sense of humor from my dad (sorry mom).

* the idea that working hard is a good thing. He's put in some hard work to help get my brother and I through school and the like. I may not always agree that hard work is the number one thing in life, but it's an ethic I respect and (I hope) strive for.

* he's influenced my love of Rock 'n Roll.... ROCK! My love for complicated guitar solos and crazy 80's hair bands comes from this guy.

* his "passion" for current events and the political arena. I certainly don't agree with all he says, and though much of his political discourse involves complaining about those idiots in Washington, I'm glad that he cares enough to get angry at the people running our country. It's better than the alternative which is being aloof and apathetic or just mute about it.

* he may have strong opinions, but I'm glad we can talk about them at this point in my adult life and I'm glad that he tells me he loves me whenever we talk on the phone.

Fun fact: Dad drives me absolutely nuts when he flips through the TV channels like a maniac, but if I start tickling he feet he'll eventually fall asleep on whatever channel he's currently on. :)

Love you Dad.

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