Saturday, June 26, 2010

My finished tattoo

I'm not sure why this is showing up so small.

Anyway, here it is - the finished design that took 5 1/2 years from conception to completion. It may require a few more tweaks or touch ups but for all intents and's done.

The words "Remain in my love" come from John 15 where Jesus tells his disciples that he is the vine and they are the branches.

The basic idea is to remind myself that my identity is rooted in God's love and my ability to love others stems from that First Love. Also that real love is often painful (like the tattoo itself) - that's why there are thorns - but still worth it. The wilted flower petals also remind me that I'm not supposed to have it all together, but God uses me in my weakness...and the idea that God became weak (human) to show his love for the world. I firmly believe that we relate more to each other as humans in our weakness rather than in our strength.

Two weeks until its fully healed. Thanks to Doug for his beautiful work! :)


Lynnetta said...

This is beautiful. Congratulations on getting it finished.

Nancy said...

Tricia, that is just lovely!